cardboard sculpture

How to make a cardboard sculpture

cardboard sculpture

We tried to do our best to make the process of assembling the model simple and clear, nevertheless, it will take you a few hours to glue the model together. You will be able to assemble the model even if you have never done anything like this before and have no special skills. First of all the result will depend on your attentiveness and accuracy.

The sculptural works look so realistic that it can easily be confused with their real counterparts. And besides, almost every work of the artist is made in life-size.

Take your time

All novice creators of paper sculptures in a hurry and try to do everything in one evening. This is a serious mistake, because in a hurry you can make mistakes that will be difficult to correct later. We recommend stretching the fun out over two or three evenings.


It is important to keep your hands clean, to do this, keep a damp towel nearby and wipe your hands if you get glue on them. This is especially true when assembling models of white paper – dirt is more visible on them.


We chose the best glue for assembly by testing different types and brands. Of course, you can also use your favorite glue. As a general rule, common PVA glue is good for gluing paper, but, keep in mind that most of these glues deform the paper. It takes a long time for PVA to dry, makes the paper wet, and then deforms it.

You can also use a regular super glue, for example, “Moment”. But note that this type of glue is critical to mistakes – you will have less time to fix them. And most importantly – this kind of glue is not suitable for all types of paper, so before you start assembling, test it.

Cutting out

Do not use scissors to cut out the pieces, as they are extremely difficult to make perfectly straight edges. Use the scissors to cut the pattern out to a large indentation, and then use a straightedge to carefully trim it. Cut exactly along the outer edge of the black outline of the part – then when assembling all the knots will be exactly aligned.


All of the folds in our models are straight, so use a ruler to easily press through the fold lines. To do this, put the ruler down and run the blunt side of the knife or scissors along the fold. This will allow you to easily bend the model with your hands (or with the ruler and the angle of the table). Don’t forget to consider the direction of the fold!


Using a strip of heavy paper or cardboard (in the shape of a spatula), apply glue evenly to the edge of the glue. Be sure to apply glue to only one side of the spatula. Hold the parts at the glue point until the glue dries completely. Assemble the pieces individually and wait until they are completely dry. Only then assemble the entire model.

Can you make a sculpture out of cardboard?

Yes, you can make sculptures out of cardboard. Cardboard is a material that is easy to work with and it’s also cheap. You can use cardboard to make sculptures of any size and shape.

How do you manipulate a cardboard for a sculpture?

One way of manipulating a cardboard for a sculpture is by cutting it. This is done by slicing the cardboard with a sharp blade or knife. One can use any kind of knife for this purpose, but it is best to use a sharp one.
Another way of manipulating cardboard for sculpting is by folding and creasing it. This can be done in various ways – some people prefer to fold the cardboards in half and then fold them again, while others prefer to fold them in half and then cut them out from there. The latter method can give more detailed results as compared to the former one.

How do you make a cardboard animal sculpture?

Cardboard animal sculptures are a great way to get kids involved in arts and crafts.
The first step is to make a template for the animal body. You can use a cereal box as your template or you can make your own template out of cardboard. You will need at least two sheets of cardboard for each animal sculpture.
The next step is to cut out the shape of the animal using the template you have made.
Next, draw eyes and other facial features on the animal’s head with markers or paint pens.
Finally, cut slits in both sides of the body so that it can be folded into an accordion shape and glued together with adhesive tape.

How do you make a head sculpture out of cardboard?

One way to make a head sculpture out of cardboard is to cut out the shape of a head from a piece of cardboard, then glue it onto another piece of cardboard. This will create two pieces, one for the front and one for the back. Next, cut out some eyes and a mouth from black construction paper and glue them onto the front piece. Then glue the back piece onto the front to complete your head sculpture.
This is an example of how you can make a head sculpture out of cardboard:
-Cut out shape of head from cardboard
-Glue it on top of another piece
-Cut some eyes and mouth from black construction paper

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