Artist Statement

Bringing chaos to order and uniting all the fragments together to make a whole drives me to create.

My creative process begins directly or indirectly by building a foundation or background for the final work of art. As more layers are intuitively applied, new ideas and images are created, resulting in a serendipitous final result.

My journey has evolved to creating art that reveals the underlying meaning and truth of the human condition, especially as it relates to our world. Getting lost in the moment of creation and expressing who I am, how I think and feel, frees me. I feel whole when I create. As my painting is done in layers, so is my life done in layers. My peeling of the ‘onion’ helps me to understand human beings and the universe just a little bit more. I utilize the greater truth that is universal to reach other people and share my experiences of family, personal relationships, faith, and what lies beyond.

Gloria D Lee, Manhattan Beach, California